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With Clarity Comes Great Power

Have you ever heard that saying with great power comes great responsibility. Well i want to turn that around a little bit and say with great clarity comes great power. Most people that don’t like their jobs, or they want to get out of their job, or they don’t have a job and they’re looking for a job and they decide that they want to start their own online course business most of them don’t have clarity in what it is that they want to do. Like i say with great clarity comes great power.
If we calm their mind and really get them clear on what it is they want to do and how they want to do it and how they’re going to do it. Most people will just naturally be able to follow a plan and make it to the other side.  Which the other side is creating an online course that is profitable and scalable. That is what i do i help people realize their dreams by getting clear  on what it is they want to do.
We help people get clarity on what it is they want to do and most of the time i try to make sure that i help guide people because I’m a coach. As a coach i want to guide them i don’t want to give them the answers because i can’t give you the answers but i can help pull the answers out of you.
What we do is we look at what it is that you’re really  passionate about so we take this passion and we harness it  and we get clarity on what that passion is and how we can narrow down that passion. As they say in the industry all the gurus they say narrowing down your niche or niching down.
If you’re thinking about wanting to build an online course business and take yourself to the next level this year, you really need to get clarity. Book a call with me and together we can look at what your dreams are, what you’re passionate about, and then from there we can start honing in a plan. That’s when clarity starts to happen so you’ve got to get past the fuzziness and past all the clouds to get through the clouds to make it to clarity.
I’ve been doing this for years I’ve been building courses for 23 years, with a major fortune 100 company. i know how to build courses, I know how to make things so that it’s understandable, and so there’s a path of learning that makes sense, that makes it easier for people to learn. I can help guide you through the path of building your path of your course and the only way to do that is to gain clarity on what it is you want to do if you have something that you want to do, that you want to build a course on because you think it’ll make you money, you probably will fail. You new course business will become a job because you’re doing something you don’t like doing.
If you book a meeting with me and one of my team, the first thing we’re going to do is just find out what you’re passionate about. Then from there we’ll start building clarity around around your passion. You can take that knowledge that’s in your head and make it into something that’s really spectacular. Make a call with me and let’s do a 45-minute strategy call there’s no pressure. I’ll be transparent i’m trying to sell my course and my program and it’s a coaching and training program that will take you from zero to hero in a very short amount of time. If you try to do it on your own you’ve got to do the research, on your own. You’ve got to collect it from all over the internet and put all the pieces together,  and try to figure out how you’re going to do it. If you hire an expert like me to guide you through all the rabbit holes that would have take you  years to get out of. You can actually get this done in a very short amount of time so again book a call with me.
It’s a 45-minute strategy call, no pressure whatsoever, we just get in there we start talking about your dreams. We talk about what it is you want to. Then we hone in on it, we come up with a little bit of clarity. We might even start planning out your course right there on the spot. That’s during the 45 minute strategy call so if you feel like that i can help you get through building your own online course business, and become a scalable and profitable business, go ahead and go down to the comments down below and type in make a plan and work a plan in the comments. That’s it just type that in the comments just type make a plan and work and plan in the comments and someone on my team or myself will get in contact with you. We’ll schedule a call with you, we’ll get in the call with you and we’ll start finding your clarity.
Once you have that clarity it becomes real easy because once you onboard in the program and start going through my course, a lot of what we do is teach you how to calm your mind get uber focused and make that plan. Once you make that plan you just start executing on that plan. You just start working it and as you work through the plan you don’t have to think about anything else because you have a plan you just work the plan.  Then you just keep working the plan, next item on the list. Then the next day you do next item on the list, and then the next item on the list. The plan gives you clarity and then you know what to do each day you don’t have to think about it when you sit down each day, what you’re gonna do you just do it. Go down in the comments below type make a plan and work the plan in the comments we’ll get in touch with you we’ll schedule a call no obligation we’ll help you out we’ll get your plan in place. If you feel like we’re somebody you want to work with and we feel like we
can help you we’ll go ahead and get you on boarded into the program  and if not we’ll part ways you’ll have a plan and we’ll have hopefully a new friend. Again type make a plan and work a plan in the comments below to schedule a 45 min free strategy call. I look forward to seeing you in a meeting. CHEERS
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