Why Blog?

So, you know you need a blog but you don’t know why you need a blog. 

Everyone has a blog and it seems like more and more times you are hearing stories over the water cooler about how Bob in accounting just quit his job to become a digital nomad. Of course you think to yourself, “how can all these people just up and quit their cushy corporate jobs and run off to exotic places around the world and make enough money to continue to have enough to live, and what the heck is a digital nomad anyway?” 

What you did not see is Bob in accounting just spent the last five years writing blogs weekly, spent many 1000s of hours working his social media sites, and building a following. Bob might have even built a website, offered many products for sale that relate to his special subject, created videos, and has a YouTube channel with 50,000+ subscribers. Bob can give you a list of the 100 best keywords for any subject on the web in less than one minute; he is a SEO God. You never took the time to go talk to boring old Bob in accounting, matter of fact you and your friends made fun of his slacks that were too short, his white socks, tape on his glasses, and a pocket protector full of mechanical pencils. But what you did not know is Bob is one of the leading experts in nature photography and has even had many of his pictures in National Geographic. And believe it or not Bob has link-backs from National Geographic as well as over 1000 other high authority websites. Go ahead Google Bob (I’ll wait) or anything nature photography and up will come Bob’s very sophisticated headshot. See Bob is a first page kind of guy with analytics to prove it. All you saw was the company geek with donut jelly on his shirt. 

I hope in my fictitious story of Bob in accounting you picked up on a few key things, such as (as well key words in blod):

  • Digital Nomad (WTF I don’t want to ride a camel, I just want to write a blog)
  • Blogging weekly (Consistent Content Flow)
  • 1000s of hours working his social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit….)
  • Bob has his own website (WordPress)
  • Bob sells products from his web site (e-commerce & monetized) 
  • 50,000+ YouTube subscribers (v-blogs)
  • ­Keywords (helping search engines sort you out from the 100,000 other sites like yours – (SEO).
  • Link-backs or Backlinks (other sites put a link from their site to your site)
  • High Authority (sites with lots of users and clicks have a higher authority then small sites)
  • First Page (when you search at a search site the links that are on the first page)

These are the types of topics you will need to learn about over time to be a successful blogger. No, you don’t need to learn them all today or to get started, but I guarantee you that if you get into blogging and stick with it you will know everything on that list and much more. I will blog about all the listed subjects and teach them in my upcoming Blog Builder Basics courses. 

I’m not going to tell you to pack your bags and quit your job today, or that it is easy to make money blogging on the web. Just like any job it takes time, perseverance, consistency, a little luck, imagination, and a great subject that people want to read about. With all that said blogging can be very rewarding mentally and financially if you stick with it and give the readers something useful that will keep them coming back week after week. 

My first piece of advice to start blogging is to pick a subject that you LOVE!!!!

Let me say that again: PICK A SUBJECT YOU LOVE!!!!

Paul Stryer,

This is the subject that when you talk to someone about it you get really excited and pumped up and can’t stop talking about it. Most of the time I would recommend a hobby such as photography, dancing, raising snakes, under water basket weaving, and on and on and on. The reason I say this is you are going to be more likely to stick with it and blog weekly if you blog about a subject you love. 

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Another good place to get started in the blogosphere is to read my blog called “So You Want To Be A Blogger” for more tips on getting started with blogging.

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