One Hour 1:1 Power Up Strategy Meeting


Don’t underestimate the power of the POWER UP. Put your course development in overdrive with 1:1 strategy meetings with a seasoned professional. Get advice on ideas, get help with teach issues, or just brainstorm out a new idea. it is your time so use it as you feel it will best help power up your course development.

Don’t underestimate the power of a POWERUP.

What you’ll get:

  • 1x – One Hour Zoom POWER-UP Strategy Meetings.
  • Personal Team Calendar Access To Schedule Your Power-up
  • Access to seasoned professionals that can help speed up course development and change your courses success trajectory

1:1 PowerUp Zoom Meeting Rules:

  1. Any 1:1 meeting that is cancelled in less then 24 hours of meeting start time (EST Time), will forfeit that meeting with no refund. We will listen to all excuses and emergency will be considered and meeting rescheduled if cancellation is deemed an emergency. The dog eating your homework is not an excuse.
  2. We will only wait for 10 min in the Zoom meeting, and we will leave. That will be considered a forfeit of that meeting and you will not be eligible for a refund.
  3. These meeting will be hosted by Paul Stryer or one of his team. This means you might not always be working with Paul in these meetings, but Paul will never put anyone in these Zoom meetings that he does not consult himself for advice and help.
  4. HOMEWORK: We ask that you WRITE DOWN on old school paper or electronically all your questions and goals of the meeting before you get to your meeting, and have them ready at the start of the meeting. Also be ready to take notes during the meeting so you can remember the advice given. We will ask for your homework at the start of the meeting, and if you are not prepared we will ask for a reschedule.
  5. Purchased 1:1 Strategy & Power Up Zoom meetings expire one year from purchase date.
  6. if you purchase more then 1 Power-Up, you can only use 1 hour per day (24 hour period) when scheduling, unless otherwise approved by one of the team members.



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