Digital Course Warrior’s Blueprint | Do It Yourself Version



This is an intensive course that is helping entrepreneurs, digital warriors, and new course designers create amazing online course and coaching programs of their own.

Learn everything you need to know from naming your program, to creating and editing professional looking videos. You will also learn how to build your learning management system, your funnels, and integrate a credit card merchant account into to be able to take payments. Once it is all built we walk you through the process of using organic marketing to get leads for free.

Don’t hassle with figuring it all out on your own, lets us walk the journey with you.

The DIY version is the same GREAT On-Line On-Demand course as in the Digital Course Warriors Blueprint, but without the hand holding from a coach to be by your side. You will have access to the entire online course just no access to the weekly coaching calls, and you don’t get the one hour one on one with one of our team members. But don’t worry you still have access to the private community for asking questions when you get stuck or just need a boost.

Online On-Deman Course
This 9 module online course with 30+ step-by-step lessons is your key to creating highly engaging and profitable online courses. The key here is simplicity, and each lesson builds on the previous lesson. Follow the video lessons and you will create and edit stunning videos, build your learning management system, setup your merchant account so you can accept credit cards, and start promoting and selling your amazing online course.
Private Community
Spend time chatting and conversing with like minded Digital Course Warriors in a private community setting. Ask questions that are answered by the experts in the room and your fellow peers that have already hit up against the same issues as you.


If you are no convinced this program is for your schedule a Discovery Call

Not ready to start just yet, jump on a 45 min zoom DISCOVERY CALL, and give us a chance to understand you unique online business idea and we will make sure you are 100% confident that our program is the program for you to achieve success.

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