Digital Course Warriors Overwhelmed Immobility

Overwhelmed Immobility

Hello all I’m just out for a walk at my favorite park here in North Carolina. It’s about 45 degrees out a little breezy, so it’s a little chilly. But having a great time out here lots of people out walking, running, and fishing just having a great time. It’s a great day and I’m thinking about um my clients and my calls I take each week. While I’m walking here working through the data in my head, and figured i would just get it out here on video.

I just got off a call one of my new clients and it’s really easy to see a trend when you’ve done something for a long time or when you’ve taken as many calls as I have, with aspiring course creators. I start to notice trends and its a trend I call overwhelmed immobility.
So what’s holding you back from starting your profitable online course business, could it be

overwhelmed immobility?

Many people I talk to they come to me with one of these many paralyzing Issues.

  • Fear
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Fear of technology
  • No time
  • Personal Financial issues.

I talk to my client’s day in and day out and no matter what their roadblock is that they’re

coming up against it all comes down to overwhelmed immobility. This is one of the things

as a coach and teacher that I’m truly really good at helping people move past these fears and the roadblocks and gain the confidence that they need to build a solid and scalable online course

business. Most of my clients that join my program they suffer from one of the many fears

that are blocking them from building their dream business and we usually start out the first

little bit after they onboard in to my program, we work through these roadblocks and building up the tool chest that they need these this tool chest of skills that they can use over and over again.

Part of my job as a teacher and a coach is to not only teach technology and marketing but to help you get past those fears and calm their mind, get uber focused, and make a plan and work the plan. Once you have a plan in place it becomes really easy to know what you need to do each day when you sit down to work. There’s no guessing what you’re going to do, no jumping from thing to thing, because you have an uber focus and a great solid plan.

If you want to build a highly profitable online course business and be a hundred percent confident in  your product and your skills this would be a great time to book a call with me and my team. I’ve been building courses and selling them and teaching them for over 23 years in a high-tech industry, for a fortune 100 company I know the ins and outs of how to make an online course, that is organized in a way that will enable your clients to really learn what you are teaching and not waste any of their time or your time. This is your chance to book a call

and see how me and my team can help you.

There’s dozens perhaps thousands of the so-called gurus out there on the internet that say they can help you, but have you really asked them how long they’ve been doing this and what’s their intentions what are, their motivations are? Are they there just to take your money, and move on to the next person. Do they really want to build a solid scalable business and truly want to help you succeed. If you want to succeed you’re going to need an expert that’s been there and done that many times over and over again, and can guide you and knows what works, and what is a proven framework is to guide you around all the rabbit holes that would otherwise take you tons of  time to get around. A coach helps make sure that your business thrives and continues to grow

and the only way I can do that is to go out of my way to make sure your business is successful

and grows.

My best clients come from my best clients.

Yeah, I know that sounds weird but if I truly help you get to where you want to be and you tell other people about it and the word of mouth is the ultimate compliment and the best marketing on the planet. That is where I want to get your online course business is getting others spreading the word about your amazing program. I truly want to help you build a solid foundation of confidence and knowledge that will serve you for the rest of your life. Ultimately get your business to five figures then six figures and onwards and upwards. If you feel I can help you get where you want to go or you’re just on the fence and not sure if I’m the right person to help you

Then, let’s book a call. Do me a favor if you want to book a call just go to the comments below and type I’m ready in the comments below and we’ll get to you we’ll book a call. I’ve done this for many years I’m very transparent, I’m committed to your success because remember your success ensures my success.

Let’s jump into a zoom call let’s chat and see how I can help you, no pressure, just two people having a great conversation. Let’s start building your strategy for your business we can spend 45 minutes talking about what you want to build. Lets just start building a framework around your ideas and your dreams. From there we can see if we both want to work together, and if you feel it’s right, I’d be glad to have you in my program. We can get you onboarded and working

right there on the spot.

Just type I’m ready in the comments, below and me or one of my team will get in touch with you and sign you up for a strategy meeting and bOOM we’re talking. Remember if you’re stuck

and overwhelmed in mobility and you truly want to make this year a very successful year for your online course business let me help you from scratch to finish build your online course business. Lets scaling it to five figures and beyond and I would not wait very long to book your call with me, because late next week I’m going to raise the prices on my program,  so it’s a great time to get in while the price is still low. Again comment I’m ready in the comments below

and I’m looking forward to seeing you in a meeting real soon. Cheers

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