The Next Live 5 Day Online Course Builder Workshop Starts on October 11th 2021

Don't Waste Another Second Trying To Learn How To Build Your Own Online Course

LIVE 5 Day Online Course Builder Workshop


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Limited Time Offer

5 Day LIVE Workshop for Only $47

Are you looking for a big change in your life, the kind that gives you total freedom financially, mentally, and physically? Why not share your KNOWLEDGE, and generate a PASSIVE INCOME, by creating, and promoting your knowledge in the form of a on-line, on-demand course.

From ZERO to Launch in 5 Days

Start Your Online Business journey TODAY!

Don’t waste another second trying to figure out how to build your own online course

Grab your ticket for the “Live 5 Day Online Course Builder Workshop” and launch your online course in five (5) days. Most people that have never build an online course before, will spend months even years trying to learn all the technology it takes to build an online course, and most will fail. In this LIVE workshop we will take you by the hand and we will build your course together step-by-step.

The Mistake Most First Time Course Creators Make:

Skip This Painful Experience

Features & Benefits Of The 5 Day Workshop

From ZERO to Launch In 5 Days


Overwhelmed by technology? Never fear, our simple step-by-step training method will have your online course up on the internet and generating revenue in no time.


Becoming a Digital Course Warrior is not hard when you have clarity. A big part of The Digital Course Warrior's live workshop is becoming completely clear on your niche, and your target audience.


When first starting an online business it is very easy to become mired down and overwhelmed in the technology, and all the steps required to launch a successful online course and. Follow The Digital Course Warriors Live 5 day online course builder workshop, and let the step-by-step process we have build for you take the complexity out of building your online business.


Forget the technology, we have you covered. Reach deep inside yourself and pull out the knowledge, and we will help you mold your knowledge into a profitable online course.


You don't have to go it alone, you invested time and money on the workshop so we are going to invest our time into you. Join our monthly membership and get ongoing support with bi-weekly one to many coaching.


Gather together, make connections, and learn in our private community, and maximize your confidence, your value, and your success.Launch your online course with confidence

Get this STEP-BY-STEP Live Course Builder Workshop for Just $47
before September 27, 2021 when the price increases to $97.

Limited Time Offer

Normally $599

NOW $47

Get your ticket to this workshop before September 27th when the price goes up to $97

Sorry your too late to get the amazing one time offer price, but this live 5 Day Online Course Building Workshop is still a hell of a deal at $97, so get your ticket today.

You will get the following in the Live 5 Day Online Course Builder Workshop.

Build An Amazing Online Course


Love Paul's Style!


Paul is an amazing coach. He helped me build my course one-on-one in Zoom and he always had great answers to my every question.

Millie Diaz

The "Live 5 Day Online Course Builder Workshop" is EVERYTHING You Need To

Build and Launch Your Very Own Online Course


Live 5 Day Workshop Agenda (YES IT IS LIVE)

Digital Course Worriors Day 1
Digital Course Warriors Day 2b
Digital Course Warriors Day 3
Digital Course Warriors Day 4

Learn the Strategies from an Expert

Paul has worked as a network work engineer for many fortune 500 companies over his 30 year career. For the past 23 years Mr. Stryer has worked for Cisco Systems as a course developer and trainer. Mr. Stryer has traveled the world many times over to teach Cisco courses for 10s of thousands of engineers both internal Cisco, partners and Cisco’s customers. Most of the courses Mr. Stryer has developed were on the latest greatest technologies of the time, and left Mr. Stryer as a leading expert on most new technologies coming out of Cisco in the collaboration and enterprise networking space.

Mr. Stryer decided to take his talents for creating and promoting online course and coaching programs out to the world and started Digital Course Warriors in 2020, and has already grown into a mega success at over $10K a month and growing. Mr. Stryer enjoys helping others and with teaching being one of his superpowers, it is just natural to want to start a company helping others by teaching them to build profitable online businesses.

Digital Course Warrior Goal with no plan is a dream

Paul Stryer

Trainer & Coach

Making the Insanely Complex - Ridiculously Simple

Frequently Asked Questions

+ - Is the workshop really live?
Yes this is really a live workshop, not a bait-and-switch where I dump you into a live webinar after you pay. We will go live every day at the same time for five day. Each day we will go for three hours and then you will have homework after the live portion of the workshop is over for the day.

You will have access to workshop replays and home work by logging in to our website at You will have access to the online course version of the course for the life of the program.
+ - Is this workshop really only $47?
Yes, this LIVE 5 day workshop will be a very low price of $47 for the first few weeks that the advertisements for the workshop is launched. Two weeks before the start date of the workshop the price will go up to $97, so get your ticket before the deadline.
+ - Why is this workshop so cheap?
If you look around our website we have a full online course called "The Digital Course Warrior's Blueprint" that cost $2997.00 and is a complete course and coaching program. And Paul's time goes for $250 per hour when doing one-on-one work. And to be honest this full program is selling very well, and the students have been very satisfied.

So let me tell you why this workshop is so inexpensive, and that is I love to serve people. It really is as simple as that I love to help and serve people and I decided to see if I could help a large number of people achieve their life changing goal of starting an online course.

As well as serving a lot more people in a short period of time, it is also a new and exciting challenge for me to teach a live workshop which is much different then teaching a very structured program. There is something exciting knowing that this is live and anything can happen at any time that could through me off my game or stretch me to the max.But to be truly honest I have taught 100s of live and in person courses and I really enjoy the challenge of a live in person course and doing a workshop live in zoom is about as close as I can get to that type of teaching during these times of CoVID.
+ - Who is this "Live 5 Day OCB Workshop for"?
This workshop is really for anyone at any level that would like to create a side hustle or job replacing income by starting an online course business.

All you need is a smartphone, internet connected computer, the desire and drive to put in the hard work to change your life forever.

You really don't need any technical knowledge of how to build an online course. If you have the desire and your willing to work hard and follow what I do in the workshop you should have no issue creating an online course. It really is not hard there are just many steps, but don't worry about how many steps there are let me worry about that, and you just follow my lead.

I should have called this "the follow the leader online course builder workshop".
+ - What is the monthly membership?
The monthly membership is there to help you take your online course business to the next level. The membership really is a coaching program that allows you to have access to me and my team to help you excel your online course at a faster pace.

The live 5 day workshop is only the tip of the iceberg that gets your online course on the internet and ready to sell. But you will need assistance going forward with updating your online course, marketing your course, and just any questions you need answered to get you past the hurdles you will run into as your progress in building your online business.

For a very low price of $10 per month we will meet bi-weekly in zoom and just do a round table of Q&A. You will get your questions answered as well as get to listen to everyone in the meetings Q&A. Most people find that other people will ask questions of things you will run into in the coming weeks, or they will ask questions you are embarrassed to ask.

So make sure you check the box as you are checking out to add the membership to your purchases. Think of it like buying a service contract with your workshop, where you get to come to meetings and learn and ask questions. The meetings also become places that people meet like minded people and make life long friends.
+ - How is this workshop different then other courses?
Most online courses take your credit card, and dump you into a LMS full of videos and say good luck, leaving you on your own to take their course. Most people fail taking courses this way mostly due to lack of motivation.

Also don't forget this is a LIVE 5 day workshop. We will meet each day for 5 day, three hours per day. I'm also going to give you homework each day that you will have to post in the private Facebook group for everyone to give you feedback.

Since this is a live workshop you have me and your fellow attendees to help keep you accountable, and we are going to pair up as accountability partners during the first day so you will have a friend and fellow course builder to help kick your butt.

HINT HINT - you want to look at putting some kind of coaching component to your online courses to help keep your students motivated. If your students finish your course they will recommend it to others. IF they fail and never finish you will never hear from them again.
+ - Is the content available right aways?
This is NOT a pre-recorded course this is a LIVE 5 day online course builder workshop, so that means the content will be created as we go live. I will be recording each day of the workshop, and editing and posting it to our online course at our website. So once we are done with the workshop you will have access to all the recordings of the workshop, and a collection of all the homework and zoom links will also be posted at our website in the course version of the workshop.

With that said i will be creating and posting a few pre-workshop videos for you to watch and start working on your course before the workshop starts.
+ - I don't have any followers, will I be able to sell my online course.
YES, but that is fully up to you. First you have to do the work during the five day workshop and finish your course. Once you have your course built and on the internet you will need to market your course.

We will talk a little bit about organic marketing, which is a form of marketing that is free and done in social media. So we will get you started doing that, and from there you can branch out with many different forms of marketing. But you don't need a list or fandom to get started, it will just take you a little longer but you will be building your list as you promote your online course so when you launch your 2nd course you will have followers and list.
+ - What if I don't like the workshop, or this bis is not for me?
No worries, I stand by my work. If you don't like it, have trouble building your course, or just feel this business is not for you, just send me an email at and we will submit a full refund to our merchant account.

But I think you will really enjoy and excel in the 5 day live workshop if you just come with a good attitude and the drive to make it happen. Remember only you can choose to make changes in your life, and it takes some hard work to make it happen, but if you just keep plugging away at your goals and dreams you can make them happen. BUT only you can make them happen.

Get Your Ticket To The Workshop NOW

This is truly a live 5 day step-by-step online course builder workshop that will take you from zero to selling in 5 days.

Perfect Course!


Paul talks a lot about “Make a plan and work the plan” and boy was he not kidding. We built a plan and I was able to see the vision of my course.


Amazing Coach


Thank you Paul for being amazing and really helping me build my online course when so many others failed at trying to help me.

Millie Diaz

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Look, let’s be honest you don’t know me (probably), and I don’t know you. Why you should trust me when there is a high chance you have bought a course before from somebody else (who you didn’t know at the time) and it flopped, right?

I decided to take all the risks from your shoulders and give you a full 30 days to take the 5 day workshop, and work with and sell your course for a few days, and if you feel that the experience was not worth the very small price you paid, I will refund your money.

If you decide you did not get your money’s worth just send an email to and we will send you a refund right away!

Legal Disclamer:

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