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Hey everyone. How you doing? Paul’s Stryer here with digital course Warriors. I’m here at work again on a weekend. I tend to work here a lot on the weekend just because it’s much easier to work here weekends because I get much more done. Like I’ve said before and it’s kind of fun to be here when no one’s here course in 2020. I’ve been the only one here for almost the whole year. No one’s been in these buildings for this year and some just sitting here on the in the cafeteria area or the Break area and I guess where people are supposed to sit around and think and and talk and I really don’t know what they’re doing this grass in here this fake grass, but who knows it’s kind of funny feels funny.

Anyways, just want to talk to you today about investing in yourself. Do you ever invest in yourself? Do you ever take the time to invest in yourself? And sometimes you might be investing yourself? And you don’t even know you’re doing it. It’s just you’re doing it.

So what do I mean by investing yourself? Well, investing yourself means taking time to learn something. So that would be an investment. So if you sat down at your computer and started researching and really looking hard at something and try to figure out how something worked or how you are going to do something.

So let’s say you want to start your online course businesses and you’ve never done it or you’re an expert in your field, but you haven’t built the course. So let’s say your a yoga instructor or you build robots fighting robots and you’re really good at it. You’re good at fighting them or let’s say you’re a guitar teacher or a piano teacher or maybe you are just really good at something that you know in your head, you know it inside and out, but you don’t know how to make a course so you invest time in researching online and that’s investing in yourself is researching on time. And if you were to go take a course such as my course, that would be investing your time.

I have a coaching and course program to teach you how to make online courses, but if you were to take a course that’s investing in your time. And if you go take a course and there’s a lot of free courses online, you know, you’ve probably been to a bunch of them as you’re trying to figure out how to even get started. A lot of people don’t even know how to get started in doing this and so they go take a course. It’s free online or they take a free challenge or they take a free webinar and they just keep going from course to course to challenge the challenge to webinar to webinar and they get overwhelmed because they have so much knowledge now and they’ve been taught so many things but most of those free courses and challenges and stuff. They’re there to get you to buy their program. So they give you just enough to get you interested in wet your appetite, but then you don’t know how to do it still.

I had people that have been going to courses and challenges and webinars for years. They want to build a course, but they just can’t do it. They don’t know how to do it and and they just don’t ever take action. They don’t finish building their course. So they just keep taking classes. I think maybe the next class will be like this aha moment and I’ll be able to build my course most of the time. No, but that’s still investing in yourself.

So the way I look at it is your future clients your future people that are going to take your class that you’re going to build. That’s right. You’re going to build an amazing course here real soon because you and I are going to work together and we start working together you’re going to get ready, when you get clarity, you’re going to build a plan and you’re going to get an Uber focused and you’re going to go do it but Let’s say your future clients. They’re out there. They’re waiting to buy your course and they expect you to be knowledgeable.

You’re expecting your future clients to invest in you. So your future clients are expecting you to invest in yourself

and you’re doing that by studying online and you’re doing that by taking courses and you’re doing that by doing all these things that you’re doing, but you’re pull stuff all over the internet. I’m going to YouTube and watching this and watching that watching this and I’m reading this blog in that blog on this blog and I’m going to course and stuff and just bring it all together and you’re investing that time but you’re just not getting anywhere because you’re having to put it all together yourself and you’re having to learn it all by yourself. So if you were to bring on a coach and the people that are bringing on their own coaches, they are killing it because they’re organized they got clarity and the coaches pulling out of them their ideas and their dreams and their passions and organizing them in ways that make sense.

So your future clients are expecting to You Know You’re Expecting new clients to invest in you and your clients are expecting you to invest in yourself. So it really is time to take some time and invest in yourself. And if you want to just get through this thing really quickly and get it over with then just hire a coach and that’s what I do.

I’m a really good at coaching. I’m really good at pulling out. Out, you know pulling out people’s passions out of their heads and then calming them down so that they can get clarity and then make a plan and work the plan and once they have a plan they still working it. They find that it’s just really easy to to make great progress very fast. So that’s what I do and I’ve been doing this for 23 years for a Fortune 100 company. I did building classes. I’ve been teaching classes I’ve been on all over the world teaching the classes that I build and they’re really high tech classes with lots of technology and lots of really deep stuff, but I can build a class on anything because once you know the process and how to build a framework it’s easy to build your own program once you know how to do the framework and of course, there’s a lot of other pieces you got to put together like what platform are you going to host it on and where are you going to put it in? How you going to host it? And then how are you going to market it?

I do mostly organic online marketing. Well, do you know what online organic marketing is or how you’re going to even do that? So that’s why hiring a professional such as me that’s been doing it for 23 years. I know the process I know how to build a framework and I know how to get things done in a specific order that makes sense and makes it very easy for you to build and very easy for your students to be able to take your courses. So no matter what the course is whether your yoga instructor whether you’re you guitar teacher whatever it is that you’re doing we can help you put together a class that makes sense and is scalable and makes money for years not just a flash in the pan.

So again invest in yourself. And that will show in who you are what you are and what you become because you invested in yourself. So take the time. look at my program and then book a call with me. We do 45 minutes strategy calls and in the strategy call we start getting you started before you even on board with us. So before you even decide you’re going to work with us in this 45-minute call. We’re going to start getting clarity on what it is you want to do by talking about your dreams and your passions and what you want to do. You know we talk about your goals and how much money you need to make to get out of your current position at your work. If you don’t even have a job at this point because of 2020 got you as well either way get in a call with us and book a call with us and we’ll start working with you will start building that plan that will help you get clarity and get organized.

If you want to book a call with me and my team just go to the comments below and say I want to invest in myself type that in the comments below. I WANT TO INVEST IN MYSELF and let’s get clarity and let’s get you into a into a call these 45 minutes strategy calls the free and they are no obligation. No pressure.

If I find out any of my people that work for me are doing pressure sales they will no longer work for me because I don’t want to do pressure sells. I want you to be a hundred percent sure that you want to work with me and my team and that we can help you if we can’t help you we’re going to tell you that we can’t help you but we’re going to guide you and find somewhere that is right for you because I know a lot of people in the industry. So if I’m not right for you, I know somebody that would be right for you. So I’m not here to just steal your money. Yes. I’m here to build and scale my company, but I want your money, I don’t want to scale my company on the backs of people that don’t want to work with me or I can’t help. So again, book a call with me just go to the comments down below say I want to invest in myself and we’ll get with you will schedule a call will get in that call will start building the plan. So again, I want to invest in me in the comments below. We’ll get in touch with you. I look forward to seeing you in a future call. Cheers.

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