How Much Money Have You Lost?

hey let me ask you a question how much money have you lost by being stuck in overwhelmed immobility? Do you have an answer to the very simple question it’s pretty simple. How much money have you lost by not taking action?
How long has it been since you came up with that amazing idea for your online course business, but you just have not launched it? Has it been one month, two months, three
months, maybe a year, two years, three years, each minute you don’t launch your online course business is one more minute that you’re not making money from that online course business.
Now we all know we just went through the year from hell 2020, and it’s now 2021 many people suffer great losses for those people that lost friends and family i’m truly sorry and i  have a heartfelt thoughts and prayers that go out to you and many people lost their jobs in 2020 and had no income  whatsoever and yeah the government they’re of absolute no use whatsoever, because they’re too busy angling to figure out how they’re going to help themselves to the money and how they’re going to help themselves to more power. So many people had to rely on themselves to figure out how they were going to pull how they were going to take care of themselves and their families and believe it or not many of those people turn to online course businesses to help themselves out of the hole that  2020 left them in, and many found themselves in a much better position at the end of 2020 than they were in before 2020 started and i’m sure you’ve guessed it by now how they did this and yes that’s correct they did it by building online course and sell them online.
Did you know that most of these people they had built they’ve never built an online course business and this is their first time they have no tech skills had never built a course before
many fumbled through it and had mild success but those that sought out help from a coach those are the ones that are killing it in 2021 so let’s look at how much you’ve lost
by being stuck in overwhelmed immobility no matter what the reason was for not taking action maybe it was fear maybe it was impostor syndrome or maybe you were just too damn sick and tired of the crap that happened in 2020. No matter what stopped you it did cost you money so check this out.
I just got off the phone with a new client that just on boarded with me five minutes ago she told me she had this idea to build a course on building fighting robots for three years now. She’s built robots with her dad since she was a young girl and they used to fight them in competitions just like that tv show. She lost her job three and a half years ago
had no idea what she’s going to do because she couldn’t find a job she wanted to build an online course on how to build fighting robots but just got scared off from the tech of
building online course. Does anybody see the irony in that how funny that is that a person that can build a high-tech fighting robot was scared off from building her online course because of the tech, and couldn’t figure out the tech behind
building an online course. That’s just freaking funny so
as we’re talking in our 45-minute strategy call i said did you realize that you lost 358 thousand dollars and she looked at me dumbfounded and said how do you figure that how do
you figure i lost $358 000. I said it’s simple if you’d taken
the time to build your course three and a half years ago let’s say it took you a half a year to come up to speed which is
a really long time because people once they start
in my course they have a course launched within the first bunch of my program but let’s remove the half a year and say
she launched three years ago with organic marketing it’s very easy to get to 10k a month if you’re selling a high ticket program and most people consider a high ticket program as being a thousand dollars and up and get and get to 10k a month that’s only 2.5 sales a week or 10 sales per month so if you launch your course during a half a year and it took time to build the organic marketing up to 10 sales per month
when you hit the three year mark you’d have made $358
000 in three years of course you would have hoped
that she got her course up to 20 sales a month and 30 sales a month as you went on through the years and most likely
as the fandom grew the price would have grown and gone up as well.
Here’s how the math works out so let’s take a look here let me just i  got a piece of paper here so let’s say that uh the course is $997 so we got $997 per month or per course and then if you take the 997 times 10 courses a month you come up
with 9,997 per month but then if you sell 12 times 12 months 9 000 times 12 months comes out to 9 what is it one hundred nineteen thousand six hundred and forty dollars but if you do that times three years you come out with three hundred and fifty eight thousand six hundred or nine hundred and twenty
that’s a lot of freaking money most people don’t make a hundred and nineteen thousand dollars a year  the average american they make about 40 it’s about 45 000 a year so 119 000 a year that’s insane but just think if she got it to 20 a month now we’re talking 240 000 a year so again it’s it’s
really up to you your consistency and how much you know work you put into it but with keeping your sales to 10 per month and your price at 997 you would have made the 358 000 in three years which is way better than most people
make per year at their 9 to 5 job.
By the way do you know where the word job is an acronym it really stands for just over broke so if you don’t want to lose
any more money  it’s time to book a 45-minute strategy
call with me and my team we can talk about your dreams we can talk about your roadblocks that are holding you back we can build a framework on how you will get past those roadblocks and we’ll get you launching your profitable
online course if you feel i can help help you get past
your box and build your profitable online course just go into the comments down below  and type show me the money and and me and one of my teams will get in touch with you we’ll book a strategy call with you if you have been on the if you’ve been watching my videos and you’re on the fence and if you want to work with me  book a call zero pressure we’ll work on
a plan we’ll get you started if you don’t feel i’m the right  person for you or if i don’t feel that i’ll be able to
help you then you’ll still have a plan to start
building your own online course but i have a feeling that
once you see how dedicated i am to helping you launch a profitable online course you will see the value in investing in
your future by investing in me it truly is an investment in your future you’re expecting your future clients to invest in you to you need to invest in your education for yourself
again book a call just type show me the money in the comments below and me and one of my team will get with
you shortly and we’ll just schedule you a call i truly look forward to working with you in a call very soon.

Invest In Yourself

Many people want to create passive income by creating online courses from the knowledge in their head, but they have been placed into overwhelmed immobility by the GURUs.

Does that sound like anyone you know, maybe you?

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