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Thankyou Digital Course Warriors for making every video shoot stress free and even enjoyable.

Jim Slate

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Before I read Paul’s e-Book my marketing videos always looked like an amateur recorded them, after I read the 14 Steps to Creating Pro Looking Videos With Your Smartphone my videos look amazing, and my conversion rate has gone up drastically. I did as Paul said to do, I printed out the last two pages and laminated them. Now I have his 14 steps ready at every video shoot.

Nancy Stewart

It is As Easy as 1, 2, 3, OK 14



Sounds silly, but you would be surprised how many people never prepare for their video shoots, and end up in a rabbit holes.



There is a lot more to finding a good location then you think. Have you ever stood in a location and closed your eyes, and just listened.



This is not dumb, I have driven an hour to a cool spot I wanted to record at just to have my phone be on 1% and no phone charger.

Switch On Airplan Mode

Try recording a video and have someone call your cell phone and watch what happens.

Prep Phone Storage

Did you know your phone has X amount of storage and when it runs out you can no longer create videos or take pictures?

Video Quality Settings

I bet you have never even looked in the settings for your phone's camera app, have you? Do you know what settings your videos are right now?

Assemble Your Equipement

You might only have your cell phone, but as you get better and better at creating videos you will start to acquire equipment small and large.

Clean Your Camera Lens

I bet you have never cleaned the lens on your smartphone, have you? Most people never even think of doing this.

Record a Test Video

I learned this one the hard way! One day I spent 10 hours making videos just to find out the next day their was zero audio recorded.

Plug In & Place Your Microphone

You don't need to have a microphone your cell phone has one, but after using a $10 clip on mic you will never go back.

Frame The Shot

Did you know just turning your camera a fraction of an inch can make all the difference in how good your video looks.

Setup Lighting

Lights are optional if you are outside in great light, or in a bright room, but sometimes you need to add light to the shot.

Lock Focus & Exposure

Have you ever seen a video where the focus keeps changing or the lighting gets dark and then light. Well that is because the person making that video did not know the very simple trick we teach in this step.

Clean Your Camera Lens

I bet you have never cleaned the lens on your smartphone, have you? Most people never even think of doing this.

Record Your Next Viral Video

There are a few more amazing tips in this step as well, but mostly just telling you to relax, and enjoy the experience of recording your next viral video.

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Do you dread creating videos for your online course, or marketing material? Every airline pilot has a check list and a routine they perform before every flight, that ensure the safest flight possible.  Why wouldn’t you have a check list and routine to follow before and during every video shoot to ensure every video is perfect.


About Author

Paul Stryer

It all started way back in the 80s when I picked up my frist guitar, and spend the next 15 years trying to be a rock star. During that time I got my degree in audio/video engineering, and have been in the many recording studios with many bands you have heard of, and even had videos I produced on heavy rotation on MTV. I have collected many different sills over the years, but my true love has and always will be audio/video recording.

My second love is creating online and in-person courses and teaching them. I have created 250+ courses for high tech firms which I taught live in person all over the world, as well as taught over the internet for tens of thousands of engineers.

this eBook will show you in 15 minutes many practical tips that I have learned in my 30+ year career on how to creating amazing videos and making the process fun as well.

"Creating videos should be fun to create, not to be dreaded."

14 easy Steps

To Creating Professional Looking Videos with your Smartphone

You will be delighted with the results of your videos when you perfrom all 14 steps on every video you create.

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