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Check out part one of a ten (10) of a video series Paul did to go along with this eBook.When you get the eBook you will also get all 10 videos.

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Thank you Digital Course Warriors for making Online course creation easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Jim Slate

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Before I read Paul’s e-Book I was struggling to figure out how to even start building my online course and coaching program. I was going from course to course, webinar to webinar, and challenge to challenge, but no one put all the parts together in an easy simple way that made building my program manageable for a non-techy like me.

Nancy Stewart

It is As Easy as 1, 2, 3, OK 10


Find Your Passion

Do what you love, and love what you do. Starting a business just because you think it will generate revenue, is a great way to fail.


Name & Tag Line

Coming up with just the right name and tag line for you program is an important step in branding your new program.

Finding Your Target Audience

It is simple as this, if you don't know who you target audience is you will fail. It is very important to spend as much time as needed to figure out who they are and where they hang out.

Create Your Community

It is never too early to start gathering your target audience into a community of like minded people, and start dazzling them with your breath of knowledge in your space. But keep it real or you will loose them as fast as you get them.

Creating your Framework

This simply is the MOST IMPORTANT part of building your online course and coaching program. This is the outline of your program and it is also the plan you will follow to build your program.

Pre-Sell Your Program to Jusdge Interest

Many new students freak out at this point and say "how the heck can I sell something I have not created yet". It is simple if you follow my proven methods in this eBook and in my masterclass and coaching program called "The Digital Course Warrior's Blueprint"

Build Your Program

Up to this point you have done a lot of the leg work that will make building your course as simple as 1-2-3. Most people freak out at this point because of the tech that it takes to make a program. SERIOUSLY, don't freak I will be holding your hand the whole way we will GIT-R-DONE.

Publish Your Course On The Internet

This is when your new online course and coaching business starts to come to life. This is where you put all the content you have worked hard to create into your learning management system (LMS), attach your merchant account, setup some webpages, blogs, videos and funnels to market your shiny new program.

Creating Marketing Materials

Trust me you DO NOT have to be a graphic or video artiest to create amazing marketing materials. There are so many amazing apps and software programs out there now a days that everyone can be a graphic artist and make videos like the pros.

Launch Your Program & Organic Marketing

YOU DID IT!!!! Now your course is published on the world wide web, and anyone with a browser and internet access can see your awesome program. And you have been working on your community for as long as you have been building so go to them and show off your new program, and let them be your first customers.

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Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back from creating an amazing passive & residual income, If you join our community of like minded entrepreneurs and Digital Course Warriors will hold your hand the whole way. GET STARTED TODAY by downloading and reading this ebook. I guarantee this eBook will bring you MASSIVE VALUE, by giving you what you need to get started.


About Author

Paul Stryer

It all started way back in the 80s when I picked up my frist guitar, and spend the next 15 years trying to be a rock star. During that time I got my degree in audio/video engineering, and have been in the many recording studios with many bands you have heard of, and even had videos I produced on heavy rotation on MTV. I have collected many different sills over the years, but my true love has and always will be audio/video recording.

My second love is creating online and in-person courses and teaching them. I have created 250+ courses for high tech firms which I taught live in person all over the world, as well as taught over the internet for tens of thousands of engineers.

this eBook will show you in 15 minutes many practical tips that I have learned in my 30+ year career on how to creating amazing online course and coaching programs.

"Creating courses should be fun to create, not to be dreaded."

10 easy Steps

To Creating Profitable Online Course and Coaching Programs

You will be delighted with the results of your first online course and coaching program.

Your Next Profitiable Course Is Waiting To Be Created **DOWNLOAD NOW! **

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