Creating and promote an online course and coaching program with confidence.

Are you shooting in the dark, with your online course and coaching programe creation efforts?

hey Paul Stryer from here are you a course creator and shooting in the dark see what i did there shooting in the dark?
So,are you a course creator and have you launched a course and just not getting anywhere with that course,  well a lot of people today are creating courses and just not getting anywhere with them they tend to put them up on the internet and think that all they got to do is put it out there and people will start coming and buying their course.
That’s just not the case it’s a lot more work than what people think it is to get a fandom together that will allow them to sell their course as soon as they launch it. If you are a course developer and you’ve launched a course and not getting anywhere with it. If you haven’t launched a course at all and you’re just trying to figure out how to even create your course or how to put together a course together. You need to learn how to do the tech and all the other stuff that is takes to create a profitable online course. That’s what i do that’s what i do best i build courses I teach courses i promote courses i’m really good at taking the insanely complex and making it ridiculously simple.
if you need help and want to find somebody to help and you be your coach, to help you be accountable for getting work done and actually getting your course done. If you need someone that can just really help you through all the processes that it takes to actually put a course together, because I’m not going to lie to you it takes a lot of different moving pieces to put together a full complete course. There’s   planning the course to recording and putting together the course and putting together your materials, from getting the course up on the internet and hosted at some platform out there. You have to decide what platform to use once you site is up you have to go out and promoting it and getting people to actually come in and buy it. How much do i sell it for and what is it worth. How can i make it more efficient for me to sell my course and and how do i make the process work while I’m selling it so i know who I’ve sold to and what I’ve sold. Who i owe what to there’s just a lot of pieces that go into building an online course and coaching program.
if you need help you want to get started or you’ve already started you’re just
having fumbling around and not getting anywhere or if you have a course out there that’s not selling go ahead and go to and take a look around get in touch with me at or message me here on facebook wherever you see or linkedin or wherever that you see this video at feel free to dm me anywhere you see me and i’ll be glad to talk to you about it. We can jump into a 45 minute strategy meeting totally free no pressure we can just talk about your course see what you want to do. Sometimes people have an idea of what they want to do but they don’t actually really love it and you really should be doing something you’re passionate about. So that’s something we can get out of you as well start planning it out in that 45 minute session. Usually we can start getting a lot of planning done too to help you start moving forward and taking action towards actually getting your online course done. Again dm me email me at however you can get in touch with me. Get in touch with me we’ll do a 45 minute appointment matter of fact if you type shot in the dark down below the in the comments of this video type in shot in the dark and hit enter, I’ll see it and i will reach out to you and we’ll schedule an appointment. No pressure we’ll get in there and we’ll just start chatting, two people having a conversation we’ll make some plans for you and see how we want to move forward.
I hope you have a great day and don’t forget to type in shot in the dark in the comments I’ll get in touch with you we’ll schedule an appointment.
Have a great day

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  1. Don’t forget to type “Shot In The Dark” in the comments below, and me or my team will reach out to you. We can talk about all your online course creation needs, and questions, and get you moving forward towards creating your 5 figure income. – Cheers Paul

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