eBook Basics: Creating, Monetizing, & Distributing eBooks

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eBook Basics: Creating, Monetizing, and Distributing eBooks is an amazingly easy to use and follow on-line course on how to create an eBook from scratch that will be enticing and engaging for your site visitors. One of the most important operations a website or blog owner can do, is grow their eMail list. Your eMail list is one of your most valuable assets and important tools for targeted marketing. So we need to find creative ways to keep our eMail list growing.

Some of the reasons we write eBoods is to build credibility that we are a subject matter expert in our subject, and to attract new visitors to our websites. And in many cases our eBooks are given away for free in exchange for our visitors email address.

Course Overview

This creating an eBook course is the first in the eBook Basics on-line training series. In this course you will learn the skills needed to create, monetize and distribute your very own eBook. This course will take you from the very basics of what is an eBook to creating a beautiful eBook from scratch.

So don’t freak out and tell yourself you don’t have one graphic bone in your body, because anyone can create an engaging and beautiful eBook with the simple tools we will teach you in this course. We all need eBooks to help promote our websites and blogs to help grow our readership and fandom, but we don’t need to pay some graphic artist an arm and a leg to create an ebook for us.

The tools we will show you in this course are easy and most say very fun to use, so kick back, follow our lead and enjoy your results.

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn:

  • In eBook Basics Creating, Monetizing, and Distributing eBooks you will get a complete lesson on how to create an eBook from scratch, make it look good, add affiliate links to monetize it, and finally learn how to distribute your eBook.
  • What a eBooks is and it’s many uses to help grow are website, credibility, and our eMail list.
  • How to monetize your eBook and make a profit even thought most of the time eBooks are given away for free in exchange for the persons email address and permission to contact them from time to time with information and offers.How to create stunning eBook covers with little or no artist or graphic designer abilities in your body.
  • How to create an eBooks from scratch from within Microsoft PowerPoint or Word.
  • How to find eBook templates on the internet and how to use these eBook templates to create an eBook.
  • How to create eBooks based on content (blogs) you have already created. Why reinvent the wheel when you have already written great content.
  • How to create an eBook using the amazing graphic studio called Canva. Learn how to use this amazingly easy and fun to use tool to create your eBook and amazing your friends and fandom on how awesome your eBooks and Covers look.
  • How to distribute your eBook in many easy to use ways, for example uploading your ebook into your WordPress website and using the media library link to your eBook in all your marketing materials.

Course Links

Here are some links refereed to during this course.

How to use this course

Once you have purchased this course and come back to this page you will be able to click on the lessons in the course flow at the bottom of this page, which will take you to that lessons.

  • Read the content on the lesson page, and mark the lesson complete if there is no video. If there is content and a video watch the video and read the content.
  • Watch any videos on the page if there is one. If there is a video on the page you cannot mark that lesson complete until the entire video has been watched.
  • When you mark a lesson complete it will take you to the next lesson.
  • When you finish all lessons in a course, the course will be marked as complete.
  • You can take any lesson over again as many times as you wish even after it is complete.
  • While watching the videos and please follow along on your computer and do all the steps we are doing in the video.
  • Please stop and start the video as often as you wish to give yourself time to catch up with what we are doing in the video.
  • You can also rewind and replay any part of the video that are moving too fast. We tend to move fast in the videos to help keep the videos as short as possible.ssss


You will receive a certificate of completion when you have finished all parts of the eBook Basics course, and each course evaluation.


From time to time through out this and our other course we will recommend 3rd party products, and in most cases these will be affiliates of Digital Course Warriors. If and when you purchase a product from one of our affiliates due to following one of our links we will get paid a small commission.

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