Digital Course Warrior Goal with no plan is a dream

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Dream

Video Transcript

Yo, how in the heck are you today?

I just figured I have not done a video yet

in the car and I felt left out because everyone else seems to have a car video.

I had a thought this morning

and that was how I was always talking about making a plan and working the plan.

But as I was thinking about it,

I had another thought that I don’t usually have and that thought was about setting goals.

Yep. There goes the eye rolls.

You’re like not another goal setting speech

and yes, I used to roll my eyes and make fun of all the HR people that would come to our team meetings

and try to get us to do goal setting exercises

Back then I’d be like, I never miss a deadline at work and in 23 years.

I still have not missed the deadline,

but but back then I got my work done.

I didn’t think I needed one, but I had no goals of bettering myself for getting ahead.

Now that I’m running my own business and have things that I want to achieve.

I find that setting goals get me motivated and planning how to get there.

Did you see that I use the word plan in there?

Without goals. How do you know if you’re on the right track to achieve

or get where you want to go

and goals don’t have to be just about money such as I want to make $20,000 a month.

They could be the number of sells that you want to make.

My goal right now is to get to one course sold per week consistently

with a stretch goal of five per week.

I also have other goals such as

retiring my day job or should I say firing my day job

as an engineer for Cisco Systems and I want to do that in 2021.

It is truly a passion teaching and coaching my students

I love watching how excited they get

as they progress on their journey to creating their own courses.

So this morning while I was pondering goals

and planning another thought came to me and that is

Wait for it….

I bet you’re dying of anticipation

just like that old ketchup commercial from my childhood and no I’m not going to sing that catchy jingle anticipation.

Okay, so I sang it, but seriously,

my thought was


Let me repeat that goal. A goal without a plan is just a dream then I think of my saying

make a plan and work the plan.

So let me break that down for you with an example.

I used earlier. I want to fire my day job in 2021.

It’s a nice thought and a goal.

But if I do nothing about reaching that goal,

I will not get there, duh.

What if I make a plan to get there,

but don’t follow the plan.

Well, I still get there. I don’t think so.

But if my goal is to fire my day job

and I make a plan to get out

and then I work that plan it will come to fruition

a plant might be something like find a passion and start a business and then you would be you would have all the steps in the plan

that you the start that business

if your passion is let’s say something like making candles then you might start off by getting an

LLC and then building a website

and then the website might be lets say an e-commerce website that sells your candles

and then maybe even your supplies

as well that you make and then you might also start a Facebook group

and start writing blogs on the subject of making candles.

And the blogs would lead people into your Facebook group where you can have conversations.

And then and then those conversations turn into more about making

candles and candle supplies

and then in the next step might be creating an online course for creating candles,

but as you can see you slowly start to build and slowly start to build your income.

You can reach the goals of retiring your day job by putting a plan together and working that plan.

And sometimes the plan can get a little complicated.

That’s such as I call.

It may be what I call a nested plan,

which means I have an overall plan.

That’s the general plan of where I want to get to A to b and how to get that to those goals,

but there might be a sub plan which is the plan or the outline for my creating the course.

So I have this outline of creating a course,

which is sub plan to the overall business.

Either way, you’re creating a plan and then you’re working the plan.

So I hope that you can see if you have goals and you’re not reaching those goals.

It might be because you don’t have a plan to reach those goals and it’s as simple as that.

So write this on a piece of paper where you can hang it on the wall

and you can see it often in big letters


Now go out there and live your goals.

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